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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Frother's Zombies and SciFi Centaur Ants (Scants)

I picked up the FU-UK/Frothers miniatures competition zombies and survivors and am really impressed with them. Some really cool zombies and the survivors will work for almost any modern genre (ex: survivors, near/post-apoc, city dwellers, etc). Above are the only two I've finished, I tried to make them look like they were recently departed so they have more life-like skin tones and their wounds are fresher...

One of my other projects is to try and create an ant-centaur 15mm sci-fi race (Scants == Scifi Centaur ANTS). The idea is a larger bulbous back-end with two segments making up the humanoid body part. I wanted them to have a daddy long legs look to them, but with the legs being closer to their body and not as long. I am by no means a sculptor though, so after looking for suitable plastic ants or spiders and finding none (this may have been an easier task during Halloween...) I decided to try and use small beads and went to a craft store and found a few possible candidates.

What I Learned...
  • Static electricity with small plastic beads == aggravation!
  • Super glue sticks to my fingers rather than plastic or metal beads
  • Using small metal wire through the beads is promising (pinch one end off and feed the beads on top) and it helps the super glue set between the beads better.

I need to find the best reproducible method to create these and then settle on some body styles and weapons.

Static electricity

Note: I live in Houston, TX and we rarely get weather dry enough or cold enough for static electricity to build up, this weekend the conditions must have been just right. I was going bonkers until I realized what was happening (seriously, small plastic beads were flying 6"-10" away when I was dropping them into the container shown above.

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