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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Clear Horizon Miniatures Raven-Class Medium Assault VTOL

Clear Horizon Raven-Class Medium Assault VTOL

Very clean model; some normal sanding of mold lines (wore a mask to keep from breathing small particles). Used a little bit of putty (GW Greenstuff) on base to conceal joins. Parts fit together well. Used some small magnets for the engines to be able to reposition them.

I did a base coat of Krylon Extra Flat Khaki, GW bleached bone for highlights.
Generic white, green and black paint for the widows and missiles. GW Charadon Granite and Chainmail for some of the spots to show some "wear and tear" - not much as I did not want it look too weathered.

GW Mechrite Red, highlighted with GW Gore Red and a generic white and yellow for stripes and markings.

Washes: used Vallejo Model Wash for Light Colors too. Testors flat clear coat and then floor polish for canopy.

I photo'd it inside a foldio collapsible light box using a iPhone (5 something).


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Horrid Mini Line From Ravenstar Studios

I picked up a hover tank that I've been wanting for a while from Ravenstar Studios along with some bio-aliens called "Horrids". They are really well sculpted and his pictures really do not show the amount of details that they have. Below is the first one that I finished, a couple of small pits in the tentacles needed some simple green stuff to address. One area on the rump also needed a patch, but was pretty easy to do.

Colors Used:
  • Krylon Camo flat black (base)
  • GW mechrite red
  • Folkart Rouge Brilliant Metallique (for highlights)
  • generic yellow and black for eyes
  • GW snakebite leather for teeth
  • generic purple (added white for highlights)
  • GW red wash (I forget the name)
Really nice, sinister looking mini. I picked up a couple other of smaller troops too.

Clearhorizon Miniatures' SparrowHawk-Class Light Assault VTOL (15mm)

I actually have started painting again, first mini was Clearhorizon Miniatures' SparrowHawk-Class Light Assault VTOL - very nice looking craft.

Left side with GZG mini
Right side

Colors Used:
  • Krylon Camo flat black (base)
  • Tamiya flat green (added white for highlights)
  • GW mechrite red for the stripes (added white again for highlights)
  • generic dark blue with grey and white highlights for the windshields
Decals are from GW Space Wolves and the number is from Hasslefree Miniatures. A couple of doses of flat coat, gloss put on the windshield.

I also picked up some small magnets so the "rotors" can be repositioned. I picked up some riders and other infantry that I hope to start painting soon.