Zombies... And Other Creepy Crawlies...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Humvee, Alien Walker and Zombie

My painting subjects were all over the board as I finished a Humvee from the Irish Serb (see previous post for link), an Alien Walker from Rebel mins and a Frothers Zombie.

The Zombie
I decided that he looked like he'd been deceased longer than the other 2 Frothers zombies that I painted, so I tried to make his clothes look more tattered and grungy. Was very happy on how the victim's leg came out, the colors I used were:
  • GW Elf Flesh
  • GW Ogryn Flesh wash
  • GW Bleached Bone and White for the leg bone

GW Blood Red and Baal Red Wash for the chewed on parts

The Hummer

Photos shown with 2 previous Peter Pig US Marines that I had painted last year. This was a really nice model and easy to assemble. I also picked up another Humvee with a 50 cal in a cupola mount that I have to finish too. Very impressed with his work and prices. The colors I used were:

  • Krylon Ultra Flat Khaki for the base coat
  • GW Devlan Mud wash
  • GW Bleached Bone for highlights

The Walker
The smaller version from Rebelminis, really a nice model. I used a hand dremel to pin the legs on and it is pretty sturdy. I tried to make the top hatch look like an eye, inspired by an old Johnny Quest episode. ALien shown below is one of the Greys also from Rebel minis.
What I am Working On...
  • Irish Serb Humvee w/ 50 cal
  • GZG SciFi Dwellings
  • Peter Pig Modern FFL
  • QRF Bedford Truck
Coming Soon...
My kind inlaws sent me some money for my birthday and I sent it to Critical Mass Games for some of their dog warriors and walkers, really looking forward to finishing them.