Zombies... And Other Creepy Crawlies...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Armed Rebelminis Greys

I finished the pack of Rebeleminis Armed Aliens. I used GW tin bits(?) for the base of my leaders (greys w/ cloaks) and then did some washes with GW Baal Red. I was trying to mimic a technique that a guy on TMP used for some of his aliens.

I now have a 40+ greys (all Rebelminis) and a couple of flying saucers that I created from milk carton lids. I need to create a few war machines and the force should be good-to-go.
I've also been working on some GZG space civilians. These come in a pack of 8 (4 poses) and make pretty nice generic humans. They are more hefty than the Rebelminis civilians I have, but they are also wearing heavier clothing so this does not bug me.

I want to pick up some of the other GZG unarmed civilians and techs at a later date also.

My cheap vehicle find came via my 9yr daughter who went to a birthday party and go it as a party favor and then gave it to me. This is really pretty cool and matches the 15mm scale IMO. I will need to weather it, but it looks nice as-is too.

What I am Working On...
  • GZG Space Civilians (3 of 8 cmp)
  • Rebelminis Civilians (6 of 21 cmp)
  • Coldwars zombie in overalls (tried a new color scheme but failed, re-priming ATM)
  • Buildings - I want to try to make some basic buildings, inspired by some 15mm habitats shown recently on the TMP.
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rebelminis Greys (15mm)

Here are some Rebelminis Greys (aliens). I want to use these with the Spriggan Miniatures SPUGS (space bugs) so I tried to paint mine to look ant-like. The picture to the left has a 28mm nuclear reactor I picked up from The War Store (thewarstore.com) that looks spot on for 15mm imo.

I painted them using Ral Partha Dragon Tongue Purple and then did washes of GW Ogron Flesh and Baal Red. Next I did some highlights with the Dragon Tongue purple again. I think they have a cool look to them. I have the Greys with weapons to also paint and am looking forward to doing so.

Here are some side-by-sides showing the relative heights of some of the 15mm miniatures that I have. L-R:
  • Rebelminis Grey
  • Rebelminis Special Forces
  • Spriggan Games SPUG
  • Mech Warrior Clix Infantry
  • GZG Trooper (SG1 pack iirc)
  • GZG Space Traveler
Currently working on:
  • Rebelminis Civilians (5/21 complete)
  • GZG Civilians
  • Coldwars Zombie in overalls
Thanks for looking.