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Monday, February 15, 2010

IrishSerb's 15mm Modern Vehicles

I ordered 2 VBLs and 2 Hummers from http://bcoleary.home.att.net/salevehicles.html based on some pictures linked a while back on TMP. Very nice resin figures with almost all of the imperfections (ex: bubble holes/pits) on the bottom or covered by the wheels. I've only worked on the VBLs, but from the top picture you can see the only very tiny spot I needed a small bit of green stuff to cover a slight pit.
I wanted these to go with some Peter Pig FFL and I painted the vehicles based on some pictures I was able to find on the web. The colors I used were:
  • Primed with Krylon Camo Flat Black
  • Camo (GW Scorched Brown and Tamiya J.A. Green)
  • Highlights GW Graveyard Earth
One of the pictures below shows a Rebelminis US Special Forces in front of the vehicle (camera angle makes the soldier look a bit larger)

What I Am Working On...
  • IrishSerb VBL (1/2 CMP)
  • IrishSerb Hummers (0/2)
  • Rebelminis Small Alien Walker
  • Frothers Zombies
  • HO Civilians (from an EBay seller) - very cheap and pretty nice


APJ said...

Nice painting. Looking forward to the Hummers.

Big Jack said...

some more good work..... no shock really, ur stuff holds a high standard. just got new lnoe stuff. mate if u liked the old stuff, this blows it out the water. the hero set, well just as gd as there last stuff. an the zombies are just sick. there the dogs, better than others. and 7 seprate sculpts. they r all jus a touch larger. bt im so picky its untrue, most wudnt notice, the boardgamegeek site has them all photoed