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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Mini Painted of 2010

My first miniature painted was a GW Epic Eldar walker that I managed to pick up pretty cheaply on EBay. This will make a pretty nice Grey robot IMO.

I finished the year at a -30 minis painted vs minis bought, still not too bad as I painted 95 minis total (I count a pack of 15mm minis as 1). I did not meet my goal of painting more than I bought, 2010 should go better right?

Pictures of the minis I painted (Khurasan Vampire and Peter Pig US Marines):

Another goal was to wargame with my minis which I did not do, but I did download Stargrunt II last weekend and have started to read it.
2010 Goals
- Play a wargame or two with my minis
- < -20 minis bought - minis painted (should be workable)
- Post at least 2x/month on the blog
- Obtain and paint some 15mm armor (maybe Peter Pig or QRF)
What I Am Working On...
- Khurasan Karks (0 of 8 CMP)
- Heresy Blight Zombie
- Heresy Zombie Halfling
- Rebelminis Zombie Dogs (0 of 6 CMP)
- GZG various from previous sale


Big Jack said...
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Big Jack said...

2nd time iv posted this dude. i managed to post it like in 2009 sum time...dnt ask, lets jus say me an technology dnt agree. i did foget how much i liked your work by the way, you do have sum talent there

never got them zombies in the end (wargame factory). jus never came so i got a refund. got my self some of the last night on earth stuff insted. who insidently have bought out 2 new sets. new set of 4 heros. which are ok. not that intresting. but the second is the grave dead, 14 minis 7 sculpts, u got a crawling torso, a fat zombie. one wrapped in barbbed wire. an the other 4 have pitch forks an axes an junk. that horror clix u mentoined for the fat vomitin guy, did u mean big bertha, any way wen u mentoined horror clix i went online an found that. iv made quite a good fat guy so thanks for that. im quite strict about scales on my models. im wonderin what would fit best with last night on earth stuff? an i cnt belive i got the fu!uk set. i really wanted them. mainly for the reporter an cameraman, an io wanted big things (the one u got painted up) for a left for dead tank. must be said. im startin to waver towards jus doin resi-evil an silent hill generic stuff, just cus of a pyrimid head i made ages ago from silent hill that i dug out. but then again iv made a few generic zombie monster things

Big Jack said...

3 times then as apparantly i removed a comment, hopefully u can delete duplicates an junk. sorry for spammin ur site with junk

redroom said...

That's too bad about the wargames factory stuff not coming - glad you got a refund though.

Big Bertha was the Horroclix one I thought would be a good tank/vommiting guy.

I need to check out the new LNOE zombies, I really liked the original set. I think the Cold Wars, Zombie Smith and Hasslefree zombies (humans, not the tank/cyborg types, which are pretty cool too) match the LNOE ones the best in height and width.

The Frothers zombie/survivors set is really pretty awesome and I like all of the poses in it.

Big Jack said...

thanks. im gona look into them now. iv got new flying frog stuff on order, im expectin them this week, bt i live in uk so who knows. if u want i will tell u wat i think of them when i get them

redroom said...

Plz do, curious about them (I live in the USA, TX so shipping should not be an issue).

Big Jack said...

right, i still aint recived them zombies, they were shipped 10th of feb, still no sign..... but i came across these an rememberd ur cenatuars ants or what not, they dnt look great but they are a rough start. hope link thing works. er like the little jeep thing by the way, good work