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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2010 Miniatures Painted

2011 was not a very productive year for me painting miniatures, in fact I only painted one, a 15mm sci fi Marine that I purchased from Shapeways that was in Admiralducksauce's shop. Really nice mini, my pictures don't do it justice. I also picked up some 15mm Frogan warriors he had. I tried to "ink" the mini to show detail, but it did not quite work. I think I had them printed in frosted ultra detail, lines in the armor are very straight and the face has some good details that did not show up in my pictures.

Monday, May 17, 2010

$2.08 Bradley IFV are now $1.48...

The Target in Houston, TX on FM1960 and Eldridge now has their FOV smaller vehicles for $1.48 USD. I am curious about the size of the US M109 Self-Propelled Howitzer in the line, as I haven't seen that model in person yet. The AAVP7A1 looks like it would make a nice jawa-esque vehicle for some smaller 15mm minis.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

$2.08 Bradley IFV

Target is dumping some of their smaller Forces of Valor vehicles and I picked up a US M3A2 Bradley IFV for $2.08 USD. The scales of the Forces of Valor vehicles can vary widely, but this looked like it would fit in with some of the Peter Pig and Rebelminis US Marines I have. I think it turned out pretty well, especially considering the price. I will probably pick a couple more up:

What I did...
- removed a couple really small mold scars
- GW Devlan Mud wash
- dry brush of Americana Khaki Tan (cheap acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby)
- highlight of some of the rivets with the Americana Khaki Tan
- painted headlights and some gear

QRF Aliens
Below are my two favs of the QRF aliens hunter guys. These are taller than most 15mm, but that is not a problem with me. The pack came with 8 figures with a lot of variety. I also picked up some modern Germans and some various armor that I also need to paint. I finished a Bedford Truck, but I need to try a better way of painting headlights, mine look too white.
Khurassan Miniatures
My sea scout craft, really a nice clean resin/plastic mini. I used a tine(sp) from a clear plastic fork to make the aerial stand. Works pretty good and adds some stability to the mini.
Critical Mass Games
I ordered some walkers and dog soldiers from CMG. Only Finished the walkers, but need to start working on the soldiers. I went for a dark brown as I pictured these guys working scorched earth battle zone.
What I am working on now...
- a squad of Karks (think shark commandos)
- Peter Pig Modern French
- QRF armor (Leopard Tank, Mastiff)
- GZG Sci fi dwellings
- remaining Frothers Zombies

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Humvee, Alien Walker and Zombie

My painting subjects were all over the board as I finished a Humvee from the Irish Serb (see previous post for link), an Alien Walker from Rebel mins and a Frothers Zombie.

The Zombie
I decided that he looked like he'd been deceased longer than the other 2 Frothers zombies that I painted, so I tried to make his clothes look more tattered and grungy. Was very happy on how the victim's leg came out, the colors I used were:
  • GW Elf Flesh
  • GW Ogryn Flesh wash
  • GW Bleached Bone and White for the leg bone

GW Blood Red and Baal Red Wash for the chewed on parts

The Hummer

Photos shown with 2 previous Peter Pig US Marines that I had painted last year. This was a really nice model and easy to assemble. I also picked up another Humvee with a 50 cal in a cupola mount that I have to finish too. Very impressed with his work and prices. The colors I used were:

  • Krylon Ultra Flat Khaki for the base coat
  • GW Devlan Mud wash
  • GW Bleached Bone for highlights

The Walker
The smaller version from Rebelminis, really a nice model. I used a hand dremel to pin the legs on and it is pretty sturdy. I tried to make the top hatch look like an eye, inspired by an old Johnny Quest episode. ALien shown below is one of the Greys also from Rebel minis.
What I am Working On...
  • Irish Serb Humvee w/ 50 cal
  • GZG SciFi Dwellings
  • Peter Pig Modern FFL
  • QRF Bedford Truck
Coming Soon...
My kind inlaws sent me some money for my birthday and I sent it to Critical Mass Games for some of their dog warriors and walkers, really looking forward to finishing them.

Monday, February 15, 2010

IrishSerb's 15mm Modern Vehicles

I ordered 2 VBLs and 2 Hummers from http://bcoleary.home.att.net/salevehicles.html based on some pictures linked a while back on TMP. Very nice resin figures with almost all of the imperfections (ex: bubble holes/pits) on the bottom or covered by the wheels. I've only worked on the VBLs, but from the top picture you can see the only very tiny spot I needed a small bit of green stuff to cover a slight pit.
I wanted these to go with some Peter Pig FFL and I painted the vehicles based on some pictures I was able to find on the web. The colors I used were:
  • Primed with Krylon Camo Flat Black
  • Camo (GW Scorched Brown and Tamiya J.A. Green)
  • Highlights GW Graveyard Earth
One of the pictures below shows a Rebelminis US Special Forces in front of the vehicle (camera angle makes the soldier look a bit larger)

What I Am Working On...
  • IrishSerb VBL (1/2 CMP)
  • IrishSerb Hummers (0/2)
  • Rebelminis Small Alien Walker
  • Frothers Zombies
  • HO Civilians (from an EBay seller) - very cheap and pretty nice

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Frother's Zombies and SciFi Centaur Ants (Scants)

I picked up the FU-UK/Frothers miniatures competition zombies and survivors and am really impressed with them. Some really cool zombies and the survivors will work for almost any modern genre (ex: survivors, near/post-apoc, city dwellers, etc). Above are the only two I've finished, I tried to make them look like they were recently departed so they have more life-like skin tones and their wounds are fresher...

One of my other projects is to try and create an ant-centaur 15mm sci-fi race (Scants == Scifi Centaur ANTS). The idea is a larger bulbous back-end with two segments making up the humanoid body part. I wanted them to have a daddy long legs look to them, but with the legs being closer to their body and not as long. I am by no means a sculptor though, so after looking for suitable plastic ants or spiders and finding none (this may have been an easier task during Halloween...) I decided to try and use small beads and went to a craft store and found a few possible candidates.

What I Learned...
  • Static electricity with small plastic beads == aggravation!
  • Super glue sticks to my fingers rather than plastic or metal beads
  • Using small metal wire through the beads is promising (pinch one end off and feed the beads on top) and it helps the super glue set between the beads better.

I need to find the best reproducible method to create these and then settle on some body styles and weapons.

Static electricity

Note: I live in Houston, TX and we rarely get weather dry enough or cold enough for static electricity to build up, this weekend the conditions must have been just right. I was going bonkers until I realized what was happening (seriously, small plastic beads were flying 6"-10" away when I was dropping them into the container shown above.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Mini Painted of 2010

My first miniature painted was a GW Epic Eldar walker that I managed to pick up pretty cheaply on EBay. This will make a pretty nice Grey robot IMO.

I finished the year at a -30 minis painted vs minis bought, still not too bad as I painted 95 minis total (I count a pack of 15mm minis as 1). I did not meet my goal of painting more than I bought, 2010 should go better right?

Pictures of the minis I painted (Khurasan Vampire and Peter Pig US Marines):

Another goal was to wargame with my minis which I did not do, but I did download Stargrunt II last weekend and have started to read it.
2010 Goals
- Play a wargame or two with my minis
- < -20 minis bought - minis painted (should be workable)
- Post at least 2x/month on the blog
- Obtain and paint some 15mm armor (maybe Peter Pig or QRF)
What I Am Working On...
- Khurasan Karks (0 of 8 CMP)
- Heresy Blight Zombie
- Heresy Zombie Halfling
- Rebelminis Zombie Dogs (0 of 6 CMP)
- GZG various from previous sale