Zombies... And Other Creepy Crawlies...

Monday, July 14, 2008

What doe we want? Brains! When do we want it? Brains!

My zombie horde is growing large enough to add some heroes. A member of TMP (theminiaturespage.com) told me where I could order some of the miniatures from the "Last Night On Earth" boardgame. I got 14 zombies (mixture of 3 poses) and 7 (?) heroes for about $20! They take paint well (my pics don't really show it) and are nice sculpts for being cheap.

Mail Truck

The US Mail Truck was a $5 find at Walmart. It is from the DUB City line and looks pretty nice! Definitely one of my better vehicle finds.

Figures (L to R): Hasslefree, Horrorclix, LNOEx2, Zombiesmith

Horrorclix Zombies Review

Notes: Nice sculpts, wide variety. Readily and cheaply available from ebay. Easty to convert.

Cost: Cheap, ~$1 per figure

Value: Very exceptional

Last Night On Earth Zombies Review

Notes: These are nice sculpts, but not much variety in the zombies. The plastic is a bit bendy and soft, but arms/heads come off easier and are easily pinned back on. They take/hold paint well, too.

Price: $0.80/figure

Value: Exceptional

Victory Force Miniatures Zombies

Notes: only about 4-5 sculpts in the line currently. They add some good characterful alternatives; we all "need" zombie purple dinosaurs! These are metal/pewter.

Cost: $4+/figure

Value: OK; would need more rank and file for hordes to get a higher mark, but nice figures.

Zombiesmith Zombies

Notes: some very nice miniatures, but they've been working on their rightfully popular Quar line more than zombies lately. Their minis range from ultra-cool to average, though. Pro: They have zombies from all walks of un-life...

Cost: $3-$5/figure IIRC

Value: High

Cold Wars Zombies

These come from the UK, so the price is high with the low value of the USD. Very nice range and poses. They've had problems with some of their moulds for months, and dealers haven't been restocked in that time. I hope they get the problems fixed, as I'd like to get some more.

Cost: high/currently unavlbl

Value: Good, when avlbl. Could be higher if the exchange rate were better.