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Monday, May 17, 2010

$2.08 Bradley IFV are now $1.48...

The Target in Houston, TX on FM1960 and Eldridge now has their FOV smaller vehicles for $1.48 USD. I am curious about the size of the US M109 Self-Propelled Howitzer in the line, as I haven't seen that model in person yet. The AAVP7A1 looks like it would make a nice jawa-esque vehicle for some smaller 15mm minis.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

$2.08 Bradley IFV

Target is dumping some of their smaller Forces of Valor vehicles and I picked up a US M3A2 Bradley IFV for $2.08 USD. The scales of the Forces of Valor vehicles can vary widely, but this looked like it would fit in with some of the Peter Pig and Rebelminis US Marines I have. I think it turned out pretty well, especially considering the price. I will probably pick a couple more up:

What I did...
- removed a couple really small mold scars
- GW Devlan Mud wash
- dry brush of Americana Khaki Tan (cheap acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby)
- highlight of some of the rivets with the Americana Khaki Tan
- painted headlights and some gear

QRF Aliens
Below are my two favs of the QRF aliens hunter guys. These are taller than most 15mm, but that is not a problem with me. The pack came with 8 figures with a lot of variety. I also picked up some modern Germans and some various armor that I also need to paint. I finished a Bedford Truck, but I need to try a better way of painting headlights, mine look too white.
Khurassan Miniatures
My sea scout craft, really a nice clean resin/plastic mini. I used a tine(sp) from a clear plastic fork to make the aerial stand. Works pretty good and adds some stability to the mini.
Critical Mass Games
I ordered some walkers and dog soldiers from CMG. Only Finished the walkers, but need to start working on the soldiers. I went for a dark brown as I pictured these guys working scorched earth battle zone.
What I am working on now...
- a squad of Karks (think shark commandos)
- Peter Pig Modern French
- QRF armor (Leopard Tank, Mastiff)
- GZG Sci fi dwellings
- remaining Frothers Zombies