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Monday, February 15, 2010

IrishSerb's 15mm Modern Vehicles

I ordered 2 VBLs and 2 Hummers from http://bcoleary.home.att.net/salevehicles.html based on some pictures linked a while back on TMP. Very nice resin figures with almost all of the imperfections (ex: bubble holes/pits) on the bottom or covered by the wheels. I've only worked on the VBLs, but from the top picture you can see the only very tiny spot I needed a small bit of green stuff to cover a slight pit.
I wanted these to go with some Peter Pig FFL and I painted the vehicles based on some pictures I was able to find on the web. The colors I used were:
  • Primed with Krylon Camo Flat Black
  • Camo (GW Scorched Brown and Tamiya J.A. Green)
  • Highlights GW Graveyard Earth
One of the pictures below shows a Rebelminis US Special Forces in front of the vehicle (camera angle makes the soldier look a bit larger)

What I Am Working On...
  • IrishSerb VBL (1/2 CMP)
  • IrishSerb Hummers (0/2)
  • Rebelminis Small Alien Walker
  • Frothers Zombies
  • HO Civilians (from an EBay seller) - very cheap and pretty nice