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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Peter Pig US Forces+

I purchased a few packs (a couple of US and French forces) of Peter Pig (http://www.peterpig.co.uk/) 15mm modern minis from their AK47 Republic line (http://www.peterpig.co.uk/range17.htm) from a US distributor (http://brookhursthobbies.com/). Reasonable shipping rates and arrived in TX from CA in a couple of days .

One of the packs I bought was called "Dictator" (http://www.peterpig.co.uk/AK%20character%20dictator.jpg) which had a large general in 3 poses (sitting, standing and dead/prone along with a guard). He is a bit portly and wears a general's uniform; I will let the pictures show how much character this mini has rather than try to inadequately describe it further.
As I started painting him, I realized he really needed some type of vehicle to ride in for the seated mini. While shopping at Target I happened on a $0.97 matchbox vehicle called the "Sahara Survivor" that looked the part (see picture to the upper-left). I removed some of the the roll bars in the back with an exacto knife and then gave it a new paint job, results with the Dictator in the picture to the upper-right above. More shots below:

Other vehicles in my collection (L to R)
GZG, 1:72 prepainted LAV (also a Target purchase, has more head room for the 15mm troops), and the matchbox.

I also finished my second pack of GZG Spacefarers which are some pretty cool minis too.

What I Am Working On...
  • Rebelminis Civilians (11/21 complete)
  • Rebelminis Contractors (0/21 complete)
  • Coldwars Zombie Swat (0/5 complete)
Wish List (Cliff Notes version)...
  • 15mm seated soldiers to go with the dictator (I call him "The General")
  • 2-3 15mm armored humvees with a 50 cal machine mounted in a cupola
  • 2-3 French vehicles and a tank to go with the PeterPig French troops
  • 28mm modern squad, maybe the Eureka French Foreign Legion that I saw the greens for
I've also done some more 28mm lately and hope to post pictures later in the week.

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