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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Painted Storage Container and Aliens

I finished painting the storage container, was going for an old rusted look (still need to find stencils to put shipping markings on, no luck looking at Hobby Lobby yesterday as all were bigger than I was looking for).
I also completed my Khursan Garn Command Pack, really nice figures shown below.

Also finished the pack of Hammerhead Space Demons (also from Khurasan). colors look much better in person. I painted them by:
1. Base coat of Krylon XMetals red Chrome
2. GW Badab Black wash
3. Very light dry brush of GW Red Gore
The Krylon XMetals really has a nice non-metalic wet look to it which I think works well for these guys.
Below is my first 15mm conversion. I took the lady (from the GZG civilians set) with the short coat and hat and filed her chest and hair down. I then lengthend the coat and added a scarf with GW green stuff. Next to him is another GZG figure that I tried to paint up to look like Jayne of the Firefly series.

What I am Working On...
- Rebelminis Civilians (8 of 21 CMP)
- Newbold Space Trolls (sculpted by Bob Olley, 4 of 6 CMP)
- GZG Spacefarers II ( 1 of 6 CMP)
It looks like Bob Olley is opening his own site up again (http://www.olleysarmies.co.uk/home.html),
right now it has a bunch of pictures of some really cool terrain and miniatures, he is a pretty good painter too. I still need to finish a couple of his western looking space scrunts and a guard with guard dog.

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