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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Storage Container

Being a lurker at TMP (theminiaturespage.com), I saw a link to an Spanish site for a guy that makes his own scenery:


He made a really cool shipping container that I decided to try and copy for 15mm. I try to save "bits-n-pieces" of things that might be viable for terrain and it looks like I had everything I needed to make a working prototype/proof of concept.

Contents Above:
  • thick baseball/football card pack cardboard
  • small nail/braid
  • metal paper clip
  • Starbucks cup insulation (also have the Seattle's Best ones)
  • small piece of left-over plastic card from the DPM building kit

I guesstimated the dimensions and starting gluing things together with supper glue which took pretty well. Below is the assembled container, hope to post some picture this weekend of how it looks painted.

This took about 30-45 minutes to complete. I will take care to keep track of measurements better next time so the containers will be the same size. I also need to find some stencils to put information on the sides.

What I am Working On...
- Rebelminis Civilians (8 of 21 CMP)
- Newbold Olley Space Trolls (2 of 6 CMP)
- Khurasan Hammerhead Space Demons


Topo Solitario said...


Actually it is SPANISH! :P

Probably today (or tomorrow) I'll post files for the printable paper ISO containers for 15mm miniatures.

Stay tuned.

redroom said...

Sorry for mixing the languages up "(

I really enjoy your site, very nice work.