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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seymour Block (DPM HO Scale Building Kit)

I picked up a HO scale model building while at Hobby Lobby by a company called Design Preservation Models (DPM). This is the first time I have ever tried this, but it looked like it would be fun and I could get my 2 girls involved (9 and 7 yrs old). It really is a neat kit and came out pretty well; the girls liked doing the dry brushing of the bricks and adding some of the larger details. It cost about $17 USD and came with plastic for windows, but I may leave those off. I will probably pick up some other HO scale stuff.
The minis shown above are some GZG Sci Fi civilians and look in scale with the picture displayed on the model (the building has really long windows).
Below is a picture of the building with a matchbox size delivery van I picked up years ago when I worked in Toyko, I think they look pretty good together.
Below are some more pictures of Khurasan Minis 15mm Garn, I used GW Graveyard Earth for the skin. I am working on a command squad that I hope to have finished next week.

I would like to pick up some 15mm police figures (maybe Rebel Minis) and some more modern US forces (maybe Peter Pig Marines or QRF US) to add to the mix.
What I am Working On...
1. GZG Civilians (7 of 8 CMP)
2. Khurasan Garn Command (0 of 2 CMP)
3. Rebelminis Civilians (8 of 21 CMP)
4. Khurasan Space Demon King
Let me know if you have any other suggestions for buildings or your take on painting some of the miniatures that I've shown.


Mark said...

Great update. Garn look very good!


Big Jack said...

hey, jus stumbles acroos ur site by chance, as a whole its really impressive, makes me realise the stuff i do just look like toys where as urs looks like a collectoin of minitures. im us startin ork on sum left4dead minis. iv made various surviors allready, jus found some zombies by wargames factory, 24 zombies for about £11-£14. 28mm scale. jus look like something that would be quite an additoin to all your atuff. i dnt inernet offten, bt if i remeber illlet u kno if there any gd, jus ordered sum off ebay, another thing to check is twilight creatoins MARTAIN!!! pretty standard greys come with the game, 3 diffrent posses, top of heads close to sholder hight of the last night on earth stuff. so scales about there, an jus keep up the good work

redroom said...

Thanks all.

The wargames factory is having a sale, I would like to pick up some of their zombies as others have made some pretty cool conversions with them.

There is a mini in the Heroclix game called something like "The Blob" that would make a great fat vomiting guy for left4dead imo.

The twilight creations Martians look pretty cool, good to know how they size up to other minis I have, thanks for the post.

Big Jack said...

never got them zombies in the end. jus never came so i got a refund. got my self some of the last night on earth stuff insted. who insidently have bought out 2 new sets. new set of 4 heros. which are ok. not that intresting. but the second is the grave dead, 14 minis 7 sculpts, u got a crawling torso, a fat zombie. one wrapped in barbbed wire. an the other 4 have pitch forks an axes an junk. that horror clix u mentoined for the fat vomitin guy, did u mean big bertha, any way wen u mentoined horror clix i went online an found that. iv made quite a good fat guy so thanks for that. im quite strict about scales on my models. im wonderin what would fit best with last night on earth stuff? an i cnt belive i got the fu!uk set. i really wanted them. mainly for the reporter an cameraman, an io wanted big things (the one u got painted up) for a left for dead tank. must be said. im startin to waver towards jus doin resi-evil an silent hill generic stuff, just cus of a pyrimid head i made ages ago from silent hill that i dug out. but then again iv made a few generic zombie monster things