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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rebelminis Greys (15mm)

Here are some Rebelminis Greys (aliens). I want to use these with the Spriggan Miniatures SPUGS (space bugs) so I tried to paint mine to look ant-like. The picture to the left has a 28mm nuclear reactor I picked up from The War Store (thewarstore.com) that looks spot on for 15mm imo.

I painted them using Ral Partha Dragon Tongue Purple and then did washes of GW Ogron Flesh and Baal Red. Next I did some highlights with the Dragon Tongue purple again. I think they have a cool look to them. I have the Greys with weapons to also paint and am looking forward to doing so.

Here are some side-by-sides showing the relative heights of some of the 15mm miniatures that I have. L-R:
  • Rebelminis Grey
  • Rebelminis Special Forces
  • Spriggan Games SPUG
  • Mech Warrior Clix Infantry
  • GZG Trooper (SG1 pack iirc)
  • GZG Space Traveler
Currently working on:
  • Rebelminis Civilians (5/21 complete)
  • GZG Civilians
  • Coldwars Zombie in overalls
Thanks for looking.

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