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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Armed Rebelminis Greys

I finished the pack of Rebeleminis Armed Aliens. I used GW tin bits(?) for the base of my leaders (greys w/ cloaks) and then did some washes with GW Baal Red. I was trying to mimic a technique that a guy on TMP used for some of his aliens.

I now have a 40+ greys (all Rebelminis) and a couple of flying saucers that I created from milk carton lids. I need to create a few war machines and the force should be good-to-go.
I've also been working on some GZG space civilians. These come in a pack of 8 (4 poses) and make pretty nice generic humans. They are more hefty than the Rebelminis civilians I have, but they are also wearing heavier clothing so this does not bug me.

I want to pick up some of the other GZG unarmed civilians and techs at a later date also.

My cheap vehicle find came via my 9yr daughter who went to a birthday party and go it as a party favor and then gave it to me. This is really pretty cool and matches the 15mm scale IMO. I will need to weather it, but it looks nice as-is too.

What I am Working On...
  • GZG Space Civilians (3 of 8 cmp)
  • Rebelminis Civilians (6 of 21 cmp)
  • Coldwars zombie in overalls (tried a new color scheme but failed, re-priming ATM)
  • Buildings - I want to try to make some basic buildings, inspired by some 15mm habitats shown recently on the TMP.
Thanks for reading.

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