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Sunday, July 12, 2009

15mm Zombies!

Finally painted up the 15mm zombies I ordered from Rebelminis (http://www.rebelminis.com/). I have been really impressed by their stuff in both its value and quality. I also have some of their modern civilians that are WIP. Below are some pictures with a postcard background (I need to get some scenery done...

Group Shot (22 minis iirc):

Close Ups and Action Shot:

Zombie Hunters/Survivors

I also picked up a pack of their zombie hunters/survivors; the blonde in the one-piece suit just needed to be painted as a member of the Blackhawk team imo...(DC Comics: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackhawk_(comics)).

UFO's On-The-Cheap

I came upon a cheap way to make some small UFO's, they would work as "un-manned" drones.

To Make...

1. Drink Milk: not any type, but the cartons that have the plastic screw-off top on the side. We drink a lot of organic, but other seem to have them also.

2. Plastic Pop-Top/Safety-Top in side: Picture shows what it looks like

3. Glue Saucer Halves together, sand edges and paint: totally easy, but if you use super glue on clear plastic then it may frost over like it did in my picture up top. I probably need to get some modelers' cement as I don't remember it doing that to the clear canopies of the model planes I did as a kid...
Cool/Cheap Vehicles

The two trucks/vans are from Hotwheels and cost me $0.97 US each at Target. The porsche cost ~ $3.00 from Walmart, but it is a porsche... I will probably not do much or anything to it, but I will weather the trucks/vans.

What I am Working On...
What I Want to Buy Next...
I am trying not to think about it as I have a -23 BTP ratio
BTP = Figures Bought - Figures Painted
on the year (15mm packs count as one figure) and want to be below -20 before I purchase anything.

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