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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Couple Zombies and Some Civilians

Zombies need something to chase/eat so I picked up a few civilian miniatures; to the left is a pack from Reaper called something like "Modern Children". The girl in the front looks a lot like my youngest daughter who thought I had the miniature "made" for her. I need to find one to do for my oldest dayghter now...

Below is one of the EM4 Troopers that I painted. It is hard (for me) to try to get the dark colors to photo well and it seems my hand lent itself as an adequate backdrop.
I need to try to take a few pictures during the day and see how that turns out...

I've only done 2 zombies lately, the left is a skeletal trooper, to the right is a modified Heroclix; I think he'd work well as a "Left For Dead" mini.

On The Work Bench...
I recently purchased some 15mm miniatures from RebelMinis that I am working on, I really like the quality of their miniatures. I purchased:
  • Zombies
  • Aliens
  • Aliens with weapons
  • Civilian Contractors
  • Civilians
  • 2 Modern US Soldiers (freebees - much appreciated)
  • Zombie Hunters (I finished painting this weekend)
I've found a cool use for some of the plastic safety lids on milk that I hope to write up here next.
On my quest for painting more miniatures than I bought, I am a -25 for the year (I count packs of 15mm as 1 for the bought/painted calc's).

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