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Sunday, May 31, 2009

GZG 15mm "Moderns"

I picked up a few packs of GZG (Ground Zero Games) moderish miniatures and spacefarers and they are pretty nice but much larger than the Rebelminis and Mechwariors that I have (see pic below). I need to find some suitable 15mm decals to put on should pads...

GZG, SPUG, Rebelminis, GZG, Mechwarrior CMG

I also picked up a couple of vehicles that I am really impressed with. I had to use a small bit of putty to fix a problem on the command vehicle, but other than that there weren't any issues. Note that both models required pinning to keep the pieces together.
Command vehicle looks a little large with the GZG troopers, but looks spot on to me with the Rebelminis.

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