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Sunday, May 17, 2009

My first foray into 15mm...

I am a lurker at the TMP (theminiaturespage.com) and have been really impressed with how detailed some of the new 15mm moderns/sci fi figures are looking these days. Ones made by Ground Zero Games, Rebel Minis and even the clicky Mech Warrior looked cool to me so I purchased some which are shown below.

15mm is not just a smaller 28mm and it has taken me some work to try to find how much detail to add and such. For example, I based my minis on some 1" washers which looks totally out of place. I found some 1/4" which look a lot better, which you can probably tell from the pictures.

Cool Find: Burger King Star Trek Shuttle - I gave it a new paint job (it had some nice detail that came out well with a black ink wash) and I think it looks pretty cool as a troop transport. Shown below with some clicky Mech Warrior Shock Troopers I repainted (5 to a base for about $0.25 per mini with shipping).

With some Spriggan Miniatures SPUGS (space bugs):

15mm Mech: shown with the clicky Mech Warrior troopers is a 28mm armor from the AT 43 game that looks good as a mech for 15mm (was small for 28mm imho)

Rebel Minis Special Forces: I really like these guys, incredible amount of detail


Eli Arndt said...

I also use the TacArms as 15mm Combat Walkers. In 28mm they made good power armor but they look darn good as 15mm mecha.

I have pulled the over-sized weapons off of most of them, though and will be replacing them with weapons that are a bit more to scale.


redroom said...

Let me know what weapons you are going to use, am interested on your take of what arms they would use.

Eli Arndt said...

I am working on a few ideas. Try looking up osme of the Traveller 2300/2300 AD Combat Walkers. This is where I drew a loto f my inspiration.

They use a lot of smaller gatlings, lasers and particle weapons. Also some rocket pods or missile tubes might work well.

So far nothing solid, but some ideas that might point you in a direction.