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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Horrid Mini Line From Ravenstar Studios

I picked up a hover tank that I've been wanting for a while from Ravenstar Studios along with some bio-aliens called "Horrids". They are really well sculpted and his pictures really do not show the amount of details that they have. Below is the first one that I finished, a couple of small pits in the tentacles needed some simple green stuff to address. One area on the rump also needed a patch, but was pretty easy to do.

Colors Used:
  • Krylon Camo flat black (base)
  • GW mechrite red
  • Folkart Rouge Brilliant Metallique (for highlights)
  • generic yellow and black for eyes
  • GW snakebite leather for teeth
  • generic purple (added white for highlights)
  • GW red wash (I forget the name)
Really nice, sinister looking mini. I picked up a couple other of smaller troops too.

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Mr. Harold said...

Man, I love the face on that guy!