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Thursday, May 13, 2010

$2.08 Bradley IFV

Target is dumping some of their smaller Forces of Valor vehicles and I picked up a US M3A2 Bradley IFV for $2.08 USD. The scales of the Forces of Valor vehicles can vary widely, but this looked like it would fit in with some of the Peter Pig and Rebelminis US Marines I have. I think it turned out pretty well, especially considering the price. I will probably pick a couple more up:

What I did...
- removed a couple really small mold scars
- GW Devlan Mud wash
- dry brush of Americana Khaki Tan (cheap acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby)
- highlight of some of the rivets with the Americana Khaki Tan
- painted headlights and some gear

QRF Aliens
Below are my two favs of the QRF aliens hunter guys. These are taller than most 15mm, but that is not a problem with me. The pack came with 8 figures with a lot of variety. I also picked up some modern Germans and some various armor that I also need to paint. I finished a Bedford Truck, but I need to try a better way of painting headlights, mine look too white.
Khurassan Miniatures
My sea scout craft, really a nice clean resin/plastic mini. I used a tine(sp) from a clear plastic fork to make the aerial stand. Works pretty good and adds some stability to the mini.
Critical Mass Games
I ordered some walkers and dog soldiers from CMG. Only Finished the walkers, but need to start working on the soldiers. I went for a dark brown as I pictured these guys working scorched earth battle zone.
What I am working on now...
- a squad of Karks (think shark commandos)
- Peter Pig Modern French
- QRF armor (Leopard Tank, Mastiff)
- GZG Sci fi dwellings
- remaining Frothers Zombies


Astranagant said...

Could not score any Bradleys, but the Shermans also looked to be sized correctly for 15s.

I will be scoring a platoon of those for my Space Orcs.

redroom said...

The Shermans would work well, are you using those with the GZG Mercs?

torvic said...

hello ,i like those humvees were i can found them? and the colors for your PETERPIG us marines??? comgratulations they are great.

redroom said...

US Marines
Krylon Ultra Flat Khaki for the base coat
GW Devlan Mud wash
GW Bone White for highlights

The Humvees are from a guy whose website went down recently. Very unfortunate as he makes some very nice and affordable vehicles. Brian O'Leary (sp) or aka Irish Serb on theminiaturespage.com