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Saturday, March 14, 2009

2008 Miniatures Painted

I was a net -20 (minis painted -minis bought) and painted 70+ over all. Zombies and their victims/slayers comprised the biggest number. I also starting painting some WOW (World of Warcraft) minis from the board game which has some nice minis. I also re-found my box of Heroquest and painted the heroes.
A couple of new manufacturers entered my horde: Recreational Games (http://www.recreationalconflict.com/) who have their own line of miniatures for zombies and hunters (Lead Bones) and carry other peoples lines like Killer B's. I also purchased some from Black Cat Bases (http://www.blackcatbases.com/) that have some really cool Buffy-esque humanoids that I hope to be painted soon.
Goals for 2009:
1. Finish off the year at a +minis painted vs minis bought.
2. Add another modern force to my Dr Who UNIT troopers (I have DDD Brits and Germans, Black Scorpion US Marines and D&P Italians).
3. Play a Zombies game with my miniatures and write up a batrep on my blog.
More Pictures:
LNOE Hunters (Nurse hopefully done soon):
Hero/Horrorclix -I will really miss this game as it provided so many cool minis. Some of my favs completed last year are shown below:

Hasslefree Miniatures (http://hasslefreeminiatures.co.uk/)- Zombie Before/After, really a great idea. Nice minis and even nicer people.

Mongrel Miniatures (http://www.mongrelminis.co.uk/) Northern Alliance - departure from Zombies, but paint up really nice. I also picked up a pack of IDF paratroopers and an Arab militia.
Some minis purchased from Recreational Conflicts (picture did not come out that good):

EM4 - I bought these from a former retailer that gave me a great deal. The minis are really nice

Black Cat Bases - evil kid in front with 2 of their guard dogs. Horrorclix to the left and Hasslefree to the right

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slobberblood said...

Great work, I've been converting away with my Left 4 Dead game I'm running at Dexcon and NJCon in the next few months...