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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hints on Zombie Minis

Hints On Converting CMG Minis
-- I am probably not the original source of these, just passing on my knowledge.
1. Removing From Base: put mini in freezer for about 10 minutes and most will easily snap off their base. Thin minis may break at weak spots (ex: thin ankles) though.
2. Base Coat: I like to use Rustoleum's Black Cammo with a non-reflective finish as it works well on plastic or metal. This makes your other paint "hold" on to the minis much better.
3. Pinning: using a small pin (ex: a thin paper clip or thin metal wire) will help your mini retain its shape or parts to stay on better when glued.

Cons to CMG Minis:
1. Bendy: arms and other original appendages want to go back to their original pose. I've tried the repeated heating and freezing method, but they still move back over time. Pinning with cutting and gluing also helps.
2. Details: some are better than others, but their faces and other parts can be nondescript.
3. Scale: the minis can vary widely. The Matron Mother one is tiny with its head being smaller than the fist of the Brain Eater.

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slobberblood said...

Nicely done report, wish the pictures were clicky, I wanted to see your work close up.